Glitter Print

Η τιμή αφορά 50cm. Για την τιμή ρολού ρωτήστε μας.

PVC glitter heat seal material with polyester backing, created for inkjet digital printing & cutting
systems with solvent, eco solvent or thermoresin based inks. The material grants a high covering
power on dark fabrics as well.
Average thickness: 300 micron.
Basic information
Due to the many different base materials available on the market, the following heat transfer
instructions are given as guideline only:
Plotter settings (eg. with ROLAND VP-300 plotter)
Blade: new at 50° Minimum required pressure: 140 gf
Transfer setup
Temperature: 165°C Time: 15” Pressure: medium (3÷4 bar)
Application instructions
1) Print and cut the material
2) Let the print dry at least 12 hours before rolling up, overlaying or heat transferring the
3) Weed the exceeding material
4) Remove the print from the polyester backing using Siser’s T.T.D. (adhesive, transparent and
resistant to high temperatures)
5) Heat apply
6) Remove the application tape warm (should you use other application tapes, follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
Suitable textiles
Cotton, polyester and blends of these materials (not suited for treated and dye sublimation fabrics)
Washing instructions
(wait 24h after the heat transfer) 50°C max. – inside out – do not use bleach or other aggressive
chemical agents
Dry clean: no Tumble dry: not recommended